What determines your price points?

Almost Amusing pins are boutique quality reproductions based on the work of todays most influential artists and illustrators.

We continually push boundaries in pin production to not only maintain the integrity of the original work but also, to bring our customers the finest quality pins available. 

Our price points fall into the following ranges:

$15: In this price range our pins are 2mm thick, approx. 1/2 an inch up to about 2.75 inches. Usually part of a set, soft enamel, no epoxy or printing. Added features include UV reactive enamel, spring loaded backers standard and a small but awesome double sided collectors card. 

$25: In this range our pins are 2mm thick, approx. 2 x 2.75 inches with 1-2 prints. Added features may include some glitter, UV or small GITD areas. Spring loaded backers standard with a lovely collectors card.

$35-$40 In this range our pins are 3mm thick, sizes are larger than 3 inches with multiple prints. They include more added features such as glitter, cutouts, GITD and UV. Molds are more complicated. Spring loaded backers standard with a special collectors card or signed collectors card.

$50 These pis are limited, larger than 4 inches, 5+ prints or intricate design with multiple added features and very complicated molds. These pins also come with special or signed collectors cards and standard spring loaded backers.

What are your edition sizes?

We have 3 types of editions.

Limited Editions:

A limited number is produced, we announce edition size with the sales post and in the description in our shop.

Semi-Limited Editions:

These editions are fan favorites that have more than one release or are only released once a year. These type of editions are based on a large amount of interest and the artists discretion.

Unlimited Editions:

 Our first three artist releases and most of our in house designs are unlimited. At this time our unlimited pins have less than 500 each in circulation but are available for wholesale or re-release.

How do I get these backers off?

All of our pieces come with locking spring loaded backers and occasionally they are on too tight and can be difficult to remove. To remove these stubborn backers, hold the lip of the base with your thumb while simultaneously pulling up on the spring loaded part, then release your thumb. If it is still not budging wiggle it while holding the base and pulling up on the spring loaded part.

The top of my backer came off how do I remove the rest without damaging the post? 

This is a rare occurrence but it does happen. In this situation it is easy to remove the rest of the backer without damaging your post. You will need needle nose pliers with a cutting edge to clip the sides of the casing. Clip once then rotate and clip a second time, use the nose of the pliers to remove the spring. Once the spring is out it is easy to pull off the rest of the casing with the pliers without damaging the post. Don't try to force it! If you are having trouble please contact us and we will link you to a video that shows how to remove them.

Can you make my pin?

We are very humbled by all the requests we get from people to produce their pins!Our releases are carefully curated either in house or as artist collaborations, we are not open to the public. 

We encourage your journey to find the right maker for your needs.There are many wonderful makers out there!

Are you accepting submissions? 

We are not currently accepting submissions. We regularly reach out to artists with collaboration opportunities. We created this brand to help established artists break into new markets and help new artists become independent. We are very excited to work with you in the future!